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But this my yearbook thing is still under my craw, mostly because of the "sexual tension" in many of his friends pics.

I don't care if he looks at porn, I do care if he is having emotional or online sexually inuendoed (is that such a word) relationships with chics online.

I used to love playing the games, but the people on it kinda ruined it for me. Apparently against anyone that supports their troops, deleting military pics posted, without explanation. All in all not best pleased with my latest visit to the site, But hey some people don't mind these issues.

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The end result is to increase their numbers with fake profiles so Year Book can try and sell advertising on its sight at a higher rate.. The sight tries to get its large male population to come over to corporate owned "Cam" sights and other pornographic sites, in order to increase those sight's revenue.

Before the birth of My Yearbook, there was a general discussion forum for teenagers called the Zenhex.

This site is great if you want to mindlessly play games, but the social networking portion of it isn't the greatest.

Most of the people on here are just looking for hookups and not much else. Well where do I start, Having had a profile on the site for some years now, Leaving because I got sick of it and now returning to see if it had improved, Safe to say it hasn't, Still 2 tonne of fake/camgirl profiles, The moderation and admin really are piss poor, The so called FREE videochat effort doesn't live up to expectations, Mostly based on the fact you pretty much have to pay to be a VIP member for it to actually find someone.

Just weeks later, on August 28, my Yearbook added the new feature "TV", which gives users the ability to watch some shows and movies in separate clips.

In October 2008 the "Causes" feature expanded from Beta testing.

Also contains spaces for bands to share their music and communicate with their fan base.

An online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities, high schools, or workplace.

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