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Hence 'art' is something that has been in her genes.

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Chathurika has acted in nearly ten teledramas so far.

She was just a schoolgirl at Musaeus College when the very first offer for a teledrama came to her. And since then there has been no looking back for her.

I live in a small community where it seems like all of the eligible bachelors are my patients!

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She played in some popular films like ‘Hiripoda Wessa’, ‘Machan’ and ‘Nildiya Yahana’ and a large number of Teledramas.

dinakshi priyasad sexy dance.\n Chaturika Piris - some old photos.

'Rangana Vijithaya', 'Paradeesaya', 'Yaso Mandiraya', 'Pavena Sarungal', 'Ranmasu Vessa', 'Vasanthaya Evilla', 'Indrachapa', and 'Aashavari' are some of the teledramas Chathurika has starred in, that have been telecast, not-yet-telecast and still-on-shooting.

Among them 'Rangana Vijithaya' (Directed by Sriyani Amarasena) was shot in Australia.

The only opposition to the marriage, presumably for class reasons, was from Eugenia's wastrel, spoiled brother Edgar Alabaster (Douglas Henshall), the estate's heir ("You are under-bred, sir, and you are no good match for my sister.

It was unusual that the five quickly-produced offspring of their marriage looked nothing like William.

Chathurika Peiris had said that she wanted to remain single for some time .


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