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While the restaurant seemed more focused on getting to see the president than they were on the fact that he cut them in line, others on Twitter were not as enthused about the president's line manners.Mr Obama ordered some 0 dollars worth of barbecue - not including the order he offered to pay for - carrying out 'eight pounds of brisket, ribs, sausage and turkey' to feed the legions on Air Force One.He made up for skipping in front by using his credit card'Are folks more interested in politics or are they more interested in solving the problem,' Obama said he told Perry.

I agree that clearly the boy moved to this small town after the separation of his mother and father, I think for the time period probably she left the previous town because of shame of marriage breakdown, and her husband, a military officer clearly had high status within the community and little shame would have fallen on him.

She has left with the boy to live in a new town where she is relatively unknown, but clearly the tight community see's a child of divorce and a child struggling with the social pressure of living with just one parent - he is definitely emotionally fragile.

At the scene by the river, the police officer shows up, he had clearly been investigating the relationship between the two.

I am sure he couldn't understand what the lovely Mary was doing with the town outcast.

If the preference is for politics then it won’t be solved.'Obama visited Texas for the first time since the influx of child migrants from Central America overwhelmed border resources.

He had talks with Perry aboard his Marine One helicopter and in a group meeting with local officials that Obama called constructive.

Obama said he is getting plenty of information from top advisers who are visiting the area.

He was jealous of the relationship she had with Richard and she had with this other guy in the car.

His mother however seems to either have another boyfriend or at least is engaging in a love affair.

This deeply traumatises the boy as he can see now his family has broken up and in his mind it is infidelity, lying and cheating that have bought this upon him - ie the deepest most traumatic thing he has ever felt has come from sexual betrayal - this defines his value system I think.

As in small communities its almost impossible to climb the social ladder from the bottom.


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