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The pair are heard laughing in the horrifying footage.Rollins was recently medically discharged from the Army.Earlier this month, Rollins allegedly brought her gray and white male pitbull service dog called Cam, who helped her deal with PTSD, to a wooded area.

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The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Cumberland County Animal Control said they found multiple videos of the killing and also text messages talking about it.

A Justice for Cam Facebook site sprang up almost immediately, and a screen grab purporting to be from Rollins' Facebook page shows someone who appears to be Rollins saying 'Great last day with the pooch!

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Sad he has to go, but he will be much happier where he is heading off to :)'Heng then wrote: 'He's gonna have such a great new life.' Rollins was being held on ,000 bail and Heng on ,000 bail, but after an outcry by animal lovers, their bails were raised to ,000, according to the Justice for Cam Facebook page.

According to a picture of the dog posted on the page, Cam was originally adopted from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter in 2015 by a different person.

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