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as he is commonly known, is one of Japan's most popular comedians and TV hosts.

He is one half of the comedy duo Downtown alongside Masatoshi Hamada.

And this is VIP room that charges the fee for weekend costs 70K yen. Matsumoto and Shibasaki co-star as sister brother role at “The history of our family” get closed.

And she appeared as guest at Himitsu no Arashi-chan too. “She talked she is naive and unsophisticated about love.

He defeated his comedy partner Hamada in a high jump competition by clearing 1.40m on the first try.

In 1999, he outran Hamada, Hōsei Yamasaki and both members of Cocorico in a 100-meter race (he ran the entire length while the other four ran a quarter of the length each in the form of a relay race).

Like Hamada, Matsumoto was born and raised in Amagasaki, Hyōgo Prefecture.

He credits his poverty for giving him a good imagination and sense of play, as it forced him to invent his own games to entertain himself.

Matsumoto remained single with no history of marriage for years after his comedy partner, Hamada, was married with children.


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