White women dating middle eastern men john legend dating si model

One of my best friends is an Indian man with some status and he consistently dates cute white girls, so I know it’s not a death sentence. It’d be similar to the mens list but with a couple changes: Northern European women take the top spot (men are crazy for fair features).

It’s because they are seen as submissive and compliant, qualities that make for a good partner.

Plus Asian genetic features are more pleasing on the feminine form.

Before you call me a racist for sharing these thoughts, keep in mind that this isn’t what I think is desirable, but what I’ve observed others to find attractive.

Let’s start with the ranking for men, from most desirable to least desirable.

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These women who are at the bottom of the list are at a severe disadvantage. You can use knowledge of the first list to find countries you’ll be well-received in—simply visit a place where the local man is several rungs lower than yourself.

They can pretty themselves to land a quality man in their category, but it will be very hard for them to upgrade unless they possess exceptional beauty or lower their standards (e.g. Religion may be factor (no one gets laid in Arab countries unless they pay for it), but if you’re in the middle of the list you may want to try Africa or Asia before you blow your wad in Spain or Italy. One final note is to keep in mind that scarcity can increase your value.

Regina King recently raised the argument that we as black women still have not become completely comfortable dating outside our race.


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