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I was using rss feeds with the proxy successfully for about two years but I can't figure out what might have changed.

This is exactly what you can achieve by using RSS and these ten handy tips.

In this article we will cover some of the most useful RSS tips and tricks for Bit Torrent users.

Sometime in the last few months I started seeing this issue: none of my Feeds in utorrent display any contents while I have the torguard proxy activated.

As soon as I deactivate the proxy and restart the app, the feeds display perfectly.

If you want the file to download to a location, set the location in the RSS downloader before you tick the "Download all automatically" box.

When you remove the torrents, make sure you use "Remove all data .torrent" I had problem with that when tried using it too.

I have to manually stop u Torrent and then start u Torrent and the feed continues the download.

What is happening the RSS feed picks up one or more torrent to automatically download and it just hangs there.

Bitcomet, u Torrent and Vuze for example all have an RSS feature.

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