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You can then use this update service to automatically update computers on your network.

This setting lets you specify a server on your network to function as an internal update service.

I'd like to enable re-prompt for restart with scheduled updates at 6 hours.

I do NOT want it to auto restart, I just want it to prompt/remind the user to do it when it's an acceptable time for them.

This option should only be used when the intranet update service does not provide download Urls in the update metadata for files which are present on the alternate download server.

Note If the "Configure Automatic Updates" policy is disabled, then this policy has no effect.

You can use Group Policy settings or mobile device management (MDM) to configure the behavior of Windows Update (WU) on your Windows 10 devices.

You can configure the update detection frequency, select when updates are received, specify the update service location and more.

Enabling this setting means that end users in your organization don’t have to go through a firewall to get updates, and it gives you the opportunity to test updates after deploying them.

If the setting is set to Disabled or Not Configured, and if Automatic Updates is not disabled by policy or user preference, the Automatic Updates client connects directly to the Windows Update site on the Internet.

The alternate download server configures the Windows Update Agent to download files from an alternative download server instead of the intranet update service.


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