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ADULTERY : A voluntary sexual encounter between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband without the partner’s knowledge or consent. AEGIS : Acronym for the American Educational Gender Information Service.AFFAIR : Slang term for either the male or female genitals.

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ANAL FETISH : A preoccupation with or preference for the anus or rectum.

ANAL INTERCOURSE : The act of sliding a penis into the anus and then proceeding to have sex like one would with a vagina.

This can be performed with either a male and a female or a male and a male. ANAL LUBE : A lubricant designed specifically for use in the anus.

Usually has a slight numbing effect and will not irritate.

AIRING THE ORCHID : Slang term for female masturbation.

ALAN WHICKERS : Rhyming slang UK, knickers, panties.Liquid ice breath freshening mints have more of a kick. AMRITA : Tantric sex term meaning female ejaculatulation.ANAL BALLS : A set of balls, usually interconnected by a cord, which create sexual pleasure by being inserted into the anus and then removed.These are the top rated: We’ve recently been reviewing this site after multiple people telling us to check it out. Don’t even think about trying the other cam sites until you try this first.A BIG DATE WITH ROSY PALMS : Slang term for male masturbation. PALMER AND HER 5 SLUT DAUGHTERS : Slang term for male masturbation. ABSTINENCE : To refrain from sexual intercourse for religious reasons or as a contraceptive measure.ADULT ENTERTAINMENT : Sexually explicit or graphic material designed to be viewed by adults for erotic pleasure.


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