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some buddies at work tried to get me to switch to aol but there was no reason to change. in a perfect world i guess they would all be able to talk to each other and we wouldn't be having this discussion. (am est sat jul 22 2000)i have tried icq, aim, msnim, yahoo! you name, i've probably d/led it at one point or another. many more people who i know have icq, so that just makes it easier on me.

if it did, i'd use that, and connect to both icq and y! no d/ling a new aim patch every day for me though, if aohell doesn't want people communicating with aim, then it's odigo's problem that they refuse to let that be.

– by jacob roastbeast (am est sun jul 23 2000)i have used all of these.

the new version, msn messenger 3.0, has technology from net2phone built-in that allows users to place voice calls to another computer or telephone anywhere in the united states or canada.

other features include the ability to share files, automatic typing indicator, various emoticons, and more.

according to recent reports, microsoft now boasts approximately 18 million users of its messaging service.

that's not bad considering that it only came online about a year ago.

it's nice that the messages disappear as soon as they're sent.

odigo's ability to communicate with icq is a nice thing, but it doesn't seem to have a very good interface.

– by renegade icq (am est fri jul 21 2000)and blackice defender and nukenabber, since the script kiddies seem to think that anyone running icq on a static ip is an easy target. (pm est fri jul 21 2000)it would be their phone, wizard – by grammer all three (pm est fri jul 21 2000)which one i'm using depends on what i'm using it for. on a sidenote, i think some of these im programs should merge (a la odigo) and create something really huge…


  1. Researchers also suggest that 8 percent of teens met romantic partners online.

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