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Safe, compliant navigation and efficient voyage planning depends upon mariners being armed with the latest information.We are working closely with leading ECDIS manufacturers like Totem Plus to ensure that as many vessels as possible that are navigating digitally can share the benefits of the updates provided by our AIO service.” Within the Totem ECDIS the AIO display is a Mariner selectable feature that can be easily switched on and off.In addition to the officers and crew working on board ships, the benefits of A-Suite will be available to personnel managing VTS systems and those running shore-based fleet operational centers or even training facilities, allowing them to participate in real-time decision support and post-voyage analysis.

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This Distance Course is delivered by Safebridge Gmb H hosted through Seagull Training System and approved by Transas as product specific training for Transas Navi-Sailor 4000.

A Safebridge/Transas certificate will be issued upon successfully completion of this course.

(CORK, Ireland) — Transas has launched its first package of applications built on THESIS, a unified cloud-based platform for managing operations across the full breadth of the maritime ecosystem.

The advanced A-Suite package also sets a new precedent by utilizing the latest in machine learning techniques to reduce the potential for human errors on the bridge or poor decisions elsewhere in the vessel operational chain.

Totem Plus, the manufacturer of Automation and Navigation systems, has announced that Totem ECDIS is now compatible with the ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO).

Type approved by DNV, Totem ECDIS provides real-world innovation to the customer.

Algorithms detect anomalies in the behavior of the human operator wherever they are in the operational chain and raise the alarm before the consequences of a course of action or momentary lapse in attention become irreversible.

The first version of the package comprising three core modules – Advanced Intelligent Maneuvering (AIM), Advanced Intelligent Diagnostics (AID), and Advanced Intelligent Routing (AIR) – is now available to end-users and the services will become fully operational over the coming months.

AIM is a track prediction system and anti-collision support tool designed to improve situational awareness and reduce the probability of officer inattention or poor judgment leading to an incident.


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