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Maps (347 items): Former military reservations and other army- held lands in the United States that were relinquished to other government agencies, 1840-1930. 153.6 RECORDS OF THE LITIGATION DIVISION AND PREDECESSOR UNITS 1923-47 History: Established March 1942, superseding Litigation Section, established December 1941, and predecessor Claims and Litigation Section.Exercised supervision over litigation in which the War Department was involved and maintained liaison with the Department of Justice.Inherited records of predecessor units, including Civil Affairs Section, established 1925. Correspondence, chiefly with Members of Congress, and other records relating to the payment of claims to individuals authorized by private Congressional acts, 1926-37. Files of cases involving the War Department tried in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, 1923-40.

153.1 ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY Established: In the War Department by an act of July 17, 1862 (12 Stat.

597), renaming the office of the Judge Advocate of the Army.

Textual Records: Orders, reports, and correspondence regarding cases examined and reviewed, 1918-19.

Related Records: Case files received by this office were forwarded to the Judge Advocate General and are in the court- martial case files, 153.2.2.

153.2.9 International claims records Textual Records: Case files relating to claims of Mexican citizens as a result of the U. Textual Records: Registers and indexes of court-martial case files received, 1864-67. 153.4 RECORDS OF THE OFFICE OF THE ACTING JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL IN EUROPE 1918-19 History: Functioned as a field office of the Judge Advocate General from March 7, 1918, to October 6, 1919.

Reviewed general court-martial cases in which death, dismissal, or dishonorable discharge sentences were imposed, and military commission cases originating in the American Expeditionary Forces.

Cards listing legal cases handled by the section, 1925-36. Files concerning cases involving residents of Puerto Rico brought before the U. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, 1915-34. Correspondence concerning Muscle Shoals, AL, 1918-34. Records relating to the settlement of German and Austrian patent claims, 1928-33.

Files concerning similar cases involving residents of the Philippine Islands, 1915-33. 153.9.2 Records of the Patent Section and the Central Patent Section, Supply Division History: Patent Section organized in Supply Branch of Purchase, Storage, and Traffic Division, WDGS, January 1919, to handle matters concerning departmental use of patented articles and War Department employees' rights to patents on inventions.

Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army) in RG 287, Publications of the U. 507), but the number and status of judge advocates subsequently varied until the office of Judge Advocate of the Army was created by act of March 2, 1849 (9 Stat. Selected letters sent by the Judge Advocate General as head of the system of military justice and legal adviser to the Secretary of War, 1889-95, with indexes. 153.2.2 Orders and related records Textual Records: General orders, circulars, and general courts- martial orders of the Judge Advocate General's Office, 1860-1944 (160 ft.). Finding Aids: National Archives card index to case files predating 1862. 1971) for offenses alleged against the inhabitants of My Lai 4, Republic of Vietnam ("My Lai Massacre," March 16, 1968) Textual Records: Article 32 proceedings, December 1969. Records relating to Presidential review of the case, 1974. Motion Pictures (1 reel): Communist atrocities in Vietnam, entered as a defense exhibit, n.d. Video Recordings (7 items): Defense exhibits, 1969-71.

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