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Only one of those even slightly leans into "swinger" territory.

It takes quite a bit more than a "perverted/swinger" lifestyle to move in with another married couple.

SNCTM is not only an exclusive club, it's an experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and feel free to explore your true sexual self. Its members are invited to black tie masquerades, private dinner parties, and erotic theater which is considered art.

Damon, struggles with his success and how it effects his family and how all of this comes at a price.

This docuseries goes inside SNCTM and shows you what some consider taboo but what secretly most people desire and how living 2 lives comes at a price. I guess Showtime put it in that category more because most of the main "action" scenes are shot in low light rather than due to actual adult content which, while there is quite a bit of (especially female full frontal, and as is consistent with the current standards of hypocrisy, no male full frontal), the adult content is not in any way more explicit or shocking than any of the famous yet more "regular" cable shows.

The show runs one season only and has eight 30-min episodes. Snctum is an LA-based high-end Sex Club that creates sensual erotic black-tie masquerade party erotic experiences for so-called "elite" members who are willing to pony up many 1000's of dollars for a dip into this ..........forbidden pool ....?? In between there is also the expected backstory about the founder trying to reconnect and make good with his family about the whole thing - an attempt to add some genuine emotional drama to the whole thing - but not sure if anyone is buying that including his own family, who obviously seems to be pushing back on this as a long-term life-strategy ....?

Some brave souls jump in and turn into participants from voyeurs and the camera is pretty coy about showing any explicit action, which in any case is not helped by the fact of the low light and that before 27 mins are up the episode is over and the next episode is ready to start which feels more or less like the previous episode - not least because duh !!! Its not clear to me why I would fork out many many 1000's of dollars for a so-called exclusive high-end elite masked erotic experience when I can get MUCH MUCH better and hotter action in a privately organized swinger sex party or orgy with some of the hottest couples hand-picked which I do regularly and we all share and split the costs - and its way more hotter and sexier and we can all SEE each other clearly for heaven's sakes!!

its the same crew organizing the same things and everyone else is masked !!! To me the KEY THING about sex, especially group sex, is I need to be able to see my partners faces, reactions everything - that is a HUGE part of the turn-on - and a black-tie masked party with people wearing weird masks in low light hanging around - does NOT help that at all.5-stars for some quick entertainment - but thats all !!

Paid performers gamely and spiritedly do all they can to up the erotic atmosphere and create all kinds of action - most of it of the fetish kind (think all kinds of weird masks, whips, girls hanging and twirling etc etc).

Everyone is masked all the time and the lighting is obviously purposely kept low - clearly the message is this is not something that can be brought out into the ....sunlight......

During the opening sequence, one of the subjects made a comment about how polyamoury is natural, and it's deviant to be monogamous. "You are dating X, so I'm entitled to dating them too". Do they have to like the whole pod to date one person in them?

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