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The cover story titled The Fire Next Time features the 31-year-old Newark, NJ, native sharing with ESSENCE why he’s secure in his career (he has three films in production), legacy (“I want people to say, ‘He made an impact’”) and heart.

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Ultimately, colorism, fetishization, and anti-Blackness is pervasive—even for Generation Z.

Despite the episode’s shortcomings, managed to explore how Black women navigate anti-Black sexual politics without becoming diagnostic or pathologizing singleness. native, Jordan Mc Donald is a writer, editor, and organizer studying sociology at Dartmouth College.

It made me more conscious of things I say and how I move, and what could happen if I leave a club or a restaurant or the movies.

If I leave anywhere, any known place with anybody, there’s going to be speculation. There’s much more to Bae Jordan’s interview including details on the HBO film “Fahrenheit 451” that airs this Saturday. Honored to grace the cover of @essence for the 2nd time this year.

To protect the young Black women of Generation Z from the demoralizing weight of the “single Black woman” caricature, we must offer models of Black womanhood that honor our humanity by showing that we are worthy of love and affection and undefined by any one relationship or lack thereof. Her work explores American history, pop culture, queer identity, literature, and politics as they relate to Black women’s lived experiences in the past and the present.

Ladies, dry your drawls, Michael B Jordan is covering ESSENCE magazine’s June Men’s Issue.

Even Aaron’s color-specific track record is forgiven when it’s suggested that he’s simply attracted to women who favor his mother.

In the end, effectively downplays men’s role in maintaining Cal U’s colorist and anti-Black dating culture, opting for Oedipal jokes and suggestions of generational openness.

“My dad and my mom both said, ‘If they only knew.’ If they only knew.


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