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It does not refer to the modern American word plaid, except that they were often of a tartan pattern, which is synonymous for plaid in America.This garment would be gathered into folds and belted around the body.

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He was playing the role of a 13th century warrior, wearing a 17th century garment and painting a blue face from the 2nd century.

There is no evidence in early Irish records to support the theory that the kilt was invented in Ireland.

Just because of the fact that these men went barelegged, the assumption was made that they must have been wearing a kilt.

However, the clothing that is mentioned corresponds with the contemporary dress of the Irish Gaels of the time, which was the leine.

These are not modern kilts, but leines, which by this time had evolved into wrap around shirts with wide, hanging sleeves and elaborately pleated skirts.

Nowhere has good solid evidence been found to support the kilt being worn in Ireland.

It depicts a length of wool or a linen-wool blend, most often of tartan pattern of between four and five yards.

However, since the material of the time was only about 25 inches wide, it would have to have been doubled in width to reach from the head to the knees.

Many stone carvings on crosses and monuments in Ireland, dating before the 11th century, claim that the figures are wearing kilts.

This is inaccurate because what is actually pictured is called a leine, or Irish tunic.

At the earliest, only since the middle of the 19th century, has it even been suggested that the kilt was worn in Ireland. At renaissance fairs men may be seen in very modern kilts with what are sold as Jacobite shirts, but these people are simply believing what they have been taught by the poorly researched myths that pass for Scottish history.


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