Nokia updating contacts failed

So, the problems of Android Marshmallow update for Moto G 2015 can also be found on other Moto devices after updating to Marshmallow.Motorola camera app is functional and yet simple to use.

You can now update your device’s firmware or even reset your Nokia back to its default factory settings.

The steps to restore back all your contacts, text messages and etc from backup is nearly the same as back up.

The benefits of updating the Nokia device firmware include getting new features, applications, and performance improvements to your device. Download the latest Nokia PC Suite, install and follow the instructions on screen for how to connect your Nokia phone to your computer.2.

Before updating the device’s firmware, it is advisable to make a full backup of the phone first in case something goes wrong with the update and you can still restore back your contact, calendar, text messages and settings. Launch Nokia PC Suite and click on the top left icon that looks like a safebox.3.

I use Microsoft Outlook, not Outlook express, for my e-mails and I have al my contacts details stored there.

When I try and synchronise my phone (using Nokia PC Suite), all it does is transfer all my e-mail addresses to my phone !!

As usual, when we buy something that is so new in the market, it tends to be buggy.

Just like when a new version of Windows is newly released, there are lots of problems and the end users will have to wait for hotfixes and service packs to make the system more stable.

Launch Nokia PC Suite, click on the backup icon and select “Restore the desired phone contents from a backup file to your phone”.


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