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Never ever heard of the writer or the artist before. She commented how her doctor wanted her to get a sense for how the latest breast implants feel different from the traditional silicon, so he got two women with these implants to come and meet her.

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BTW, the "TV comedy writer and Tierney's close friend of 15 years" quoted for the article is named Julie Bean. My bet is on Tierney being bi, but this might just be wishful projection.

And it also mentions some painting of a "really calm woman" by an artist named Heather Barron that Tierney has hanging in her house and how Tierney gave one of the paintings to Bean for her birthday. I do hope it was one of those rare 'happy' divorces. She seems to be smart and fun as well as beautiful, and she's a superb actress.

When Maura Tierney got the role on ER she declared that she had a lesbian crush on all of the women on the show in Time Out NY magazine.

This was before the wrote the Weaver character as gay.

Unfortunately though she looks plain beyond words, angry and possibly allergic to a makeup brush.

Are we to assume unattractive lawyers are more intelligent?

At the end of the segment, Peter Sagal says "Thank you, Maura Tierney! Maybe it's a religious thing for her so she doesn't come out?

The Parade article really emphasizes the Boston Irish Catholic thing with her background. End of relationship.)R5, what sort of things was she saying that made you feel she was obviously a lesbian?

And it occurs to me I've never seen her in the tabs or any speculation about her relationships despite the fact she has been in the public eye for like 15 years dating back to her News Radio days and on to her long-term er stint.

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