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They both know how important it is to be open with your partner, as Allison told Dance Spirit magazine, "There might be moments of jealousy, like, 'You’re working on that project or with that person, and I really wanted to do that.' The best thing to do is communicate.

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As of last month, Pauline Mata and Tadd Gadduang celebrated their first anniversary, at least according to Tadd's Twitter.

Pauline is a jazz dancer from Season 6 and Tadd is a breakdancer from Season 8, continuing on the theme that you're more likely to be successful as a SYTYCD couple if you come from different seasons — sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jady (or is it Rucque?

One of those couple nicknames is bound to catch on). OK, maybe marriage is a bit too soon for this Jacque and Rudy's potentially non-existent relationship.

Adorable couple Pauline and Tadd made an adorable video to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" that was inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie Up (above). But Allison Holker and Stephen "t Witch" Boss are the power couple on SYTYCD and respectively, Rudy and Jacque had the opportunity to dance with the pair on Rudy's last episode.

In the August 6 episode, Rudy and Jacque's relationship was promoted by the show, but in the August 13 episode, it wasn't mentioned at all.

While Rudy was crying after being voted off, Jacque didn't even embrace him before getting off the stage and smiling at her own fortune for getting to dance another week. Could the relationship that Cat Deeley swears is real still be going now that Rudy is off to the real world?

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She changed the names of everyone involved (she refers to herself as "Rose" and D-Trix as "Kyle").

She hasn't updated it since 2012, but maybe her first post will resonate with the young love Jacque and Rudy are sharing.

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