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Comments: 'Beaver Island Park, Friends, Parents Club (Bushy-Beaver Canoe Club Bush Rd and Beaver Lane)Kissing bridge snow skiing, Buffalo Sabres Games,.'04/23/2017Dave Edwards - GIHS class of 1973. Would love to talk to her ..'04/19/2017Barbara (Pearson) Gladden - Grand Island resident: 1963 - 1983, GIHS class of 1981, now resides in Allen, TX.

Comments: 'Looking forward to coming back to the rock. 04/05/2017Kevin Walker - GIHS class of 1985, now resides in Carlisle, MA.

In This Photo: Barret Swatek, Jillian Rose Reed, Brett Davern, Molly Tarlov, Miles Millar, Khylin Rhambo, Michael J.

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06/03/2017Michael Beyer - Grand Island resident: 1959 - 1972, GIHS class of 1972.

05/15/2017RICHARD HIMMEL - Grand Island resident: 1970 - 1981, Sidway class of 1972, now resides in Fort Worth, TX.

” But, it’s on cable at 11 o’clock, and we say it in a funny way. I’d never heard anything like that, and I thought that was so ridiculous and awesome. Is there anything you do to prepare yourself for that, or do you just have to give yourself over to the comedy of it? You just have to dive in and have a good attitude about it. I’d like to do something in the future, and something in the past.

Are you looking to balance this show with film work, in between seasons?

Comments: 'We moved to Staley road in 1948 across from a delicious cherry orchard for 2 years then moved to a new house on Alt boulevard. We moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma in the summer of 1955.

The navy for 4 years then college for 6 and I designed computers for 35 years.03/21/2017Merritt (Kinsey) Kinsey - Grand Island resident: 1949 - 1964, now resides in Grand Junction, CO.Comments: 'Great growing up on the Island, very fond memories of days spent at Sandy Beach YC..'03/15/2017Philip Hy - Grand Island resident: 1953 - 1971, GIHS class of 1971, now resides in Otto, NC.MIRCHOFF: Yeah, I had a challenging scene in the finale. You’re so pressed for time and you have to really be on your game. We get two takes, and then we’re moving on, so you really have to be prepared. You have to go to bed early and learn your lines and get to set ‘cause there’s no time for messing around. MIRCHOFF: The show being so short, we have to get everything in, so there’s not a whole lot of improv going on, that’s for sure.At times, I’ll have little things, here and there, or at the end of scenes, I’ll try to throw in some lines, but they never make it. It’s about this unpopular kid and his life in high school, and trying to find love. That was broader comedy and we got to improv a lot.Lived in Germany, the old Soviet Union from 78 to 80 then all over the US doing what design engineers do.

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