Elsword updating client

Again, this works on any Elsword client (except for Elsword KR or any other clients that uses web browser to launch) for example if you play Elsword DE, just extract it in "C:\Program Files\Gameforge4D\Elsword_DE", and it works for those who has "Program Files (x86)".

Edit: Please keep me updated if the any of the language Update doesn't work anymore.

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Apply backup if client closed suddenly or the x2disappeared from running process (disconnect from game because network trouble for example) the current patcher only apply backup if user logout so user have to manually move the voice pack back to it's folder from data folder and restore original voice pack from backup folder to data folder when the client closed without logout process Suggesstion 1.

The patcher can tell user the patcher version add option to update the patcher if there's an update from the patcher creator.

The updated KOMs will be saved inside the folder "updated_files". Have a function like checksum checker in your program and display Checksum value each file, It's just some idea But I think Elsword very rare updating their Elsword voice file except for new job/event/anything Sorry, I didn't understand your question, but I'll try to answer it anyway.

Import/replace your original files and it should work. [New] Right click on the "Set" button to disable the mod. You can use g Patcher to activate your KOM hacks if you want, but it won't bypass/disable the KOM check for you.

Heduck [EIS]Venipa Thex Sorrow Ngehe731 zenplay Choco Brandx () -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • 2015-07-15 v4.1 BETA - I made many performance changes to the code, so please report if you find anything wrong. If you don't want g Patcher to execute the launcher automatically, check the box below the "Apply patch and play Elsword" button and bypass.

- [Fix] Zip errors - [New] Lu/Ciel & emoticon (F5~F8) voice files for all servers added. - If you're using your own mods or mods someone else made, try to update the KOM files: Install Python 2.7.6: (x86) or (x64) Download the tool I made: Extract it to a folder, put all the KOMs you want to update inside the "files_to_update" folder. - [Error fix] Font 'Arial' does not support style 'Regular'" error fixed (probably). - [New] Search function (keyboard shortcut: CTRL F). - OK, Cancel and Apply buttons functionality reviewed. • 2014-05-18 v3.1.0 - [New] If a backup is found during startup, it is restored automatically. - [Error fix] Clicking "Play" column's header displays an error. - New option for slow computers: Disable background images. - You now have to select your Elsword launcher instead of the directory. That's a good idea, but there probably won't be a function like that.Run the bat script "Update KOM files.bat" and wait for it to finish. - New option: Start minimized (only works when "Minimize to system tray" is enabled). It's not impossible, but I don't know what type of checksum KOG uses in the file. Atleast give Checksum value (CRC32 or SHA) between our file and server file, so we know what file are outdated by matching it with server checksum value.- Windows XP or higher (XP is supported, but not recommended). NET Framework 4.0 is installed "automatically" by the installer, but if you want to download it manually, here is the link: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - g Patcher can be installed in any folder.2012-12-06 Updated Korean update site 2012-10-18 Added patching and backup process status in notification icon Removed pop-up message box Added Notification System Added auto hide window after patching 2012-10-16 Added Korean Patcher Removed "Apply Backup" button Added Automatic Backup Applying System 2012-10-15 Release Yeah I checked the task manager to make sure it was closed. Last night when I went to bed I shutdown the computer.


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