Drug wholesalers product dating shelf life

Note the appearance, odor, and color of each product.

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According to Sigma-Aldrich's specifications, Product No. P1754 can appear bright yellow to yellow with a green cast.

Please see our Specification Sheet for more information: Sheet Page.do?

…” “We recommend storing products at a temperature between is 59-86°F.

When products have been exposed to very high or low temperatures, examine them carefully.

Occasionally, separation or an “off odor” will develop several weeks after exposure to high temperatures, but this is not usually the case.

If your products have been overheated or frozen, it is NOT a good idea to refrigerate or heat them.

After that, some products start to deteriorate and lose their effectiveness.

Common signs of age are separating, color change, & odor.

Product P5188 is a Molecular Biology grade product that has been tested for DNase and RNase.

More information on product P5188 can be found on the product detail page: Detail/SIGMA/P5188 Yes.

brand Key=SIAL&symbol=P1754 There are several ways to find pricing and availability for our products.


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