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In my mind, fall is the unrecognized and undistinguished season.

Instead of people seeing fall as still offering some warm days, many see fall as the ushering in of winter.

If you are a cab driver, or a truck driver, or an Uber driver, now is the time to plan for what you will do when your job disappears.

Around the world you have Christmas in winter, Easter in spring, and just the joy that summer is here during summer, but there is no celebration of fall. He is just another soldier laying down his life without a big deal being made about it.

This presents a sad view of the futility of war because his life is valuable, but is not being recognized.

It is not so much that he is writing against the idea that these things actually happened, but he sometimes criticizes the ideas of the Christian faith.

Knowing that Stevens has a history of atheistic views present in his writing helps the reader understand some of the references he makes in the poem.

Now at first I was challenged to figure out the meaning of the repetition, but I eventually came up with a response that may seem a little unexpected because of its simplicity. To me, it is the ending of summer, the ending of warm weather and sunny days.

It is the transition to the cold darkness of winter.He is using an unnamed and unrecognized, fictitious soldier to relate his ideas to the audience.He is writing the poem as a way to express his opinion on war, but more importantly religion.Powerful enough to serve the titans of the entertainment industry, Variety Insight is affordable enough for many small and midsize players, too.Variety Insight plays well across all platforms and devices, allowing you to access information when and how you need it.You can rely on Variety Insight to ensure your organization makes informed business decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

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