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Within the Saturnia, they add and balance managerial and more artistically sensitive skills.Thanks to the fourth generation, the hotel has been renovated with architectural respect for traditions.

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Hotel Saturnia & International is a four-star superior hotel located in Calle Larga XXII Marzo, in the centre of Venice.

If the name does not say enough, all you need to know is that it is the wide street that connects St. Housed in a patrician palace with typical Venetian forms and dating back to the fourteenth century, Hotel Saturnia overlooks the beautiful street full of boutiques of haute couture's biggest names.Marianna and Kim, instead, manage more directly another property belonging to the Serandrei family: the Ca’ Pisani Hotel.It is located in the Dorsoduro district and is modernly designed with a fascinating Art Deco style.A visit to the La Fenice Theatre is unavoidable, and just a one minute walk from the hotel.While on the one hand it can be defined as a boutique hotel, on the other hand it is a family-run establishment.Date Able provides assistance with enhancing members social skills and developing life goals via telephone on an appointment basis.

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