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In Lebanon, you would be told that your glass of Turkish coffee is actually known as Arabic coffee [In the Ottoman court, some religious men disapproved of coffee.While coffee may have been around for more than a thousand years, it has only become ubiquitous in its use in the last few centuries.

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Within the next 100 years, it spread to Egypt, Persia, Turkey and Syria.

It was enjoyed within individual homes and at public coffee houses.

While this may just a legend, it is one of the few origin stories for modern coffee.

Before it was roasted and consumed as a drink, coffee was blended with animal fat to make a snack bar.

Learn more about the history of coffee here For people to enjoy a warm cup of middle eastern coffee like you do today, a few transformations had to first take place.

The 1200s were the turning point for the modern beverage.

At this time, the Muslim community in Arabia began brewing coffee for its stimulant powers.

At the time, the drink was used to keep them awake for extremely long prayer sessions. While the Middle East began blending coffee beverages centuries ago, the rest of the world did not get coffee until the 1600s.

In certain areas, asking someone to get a cup of coffee is code for discussing mutual interests, a business agreement, or news together.

More traditional homes serve coffee to the head of household first.

Until then, coffee was only consumed within Arabia.

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