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that’s how long @Doug Davidson YR has been on @Yand R_CBS #Damn ! When I think back on my life I don’t remember looking this grown up at 12 years of age... Two beautiful & brilliant women who’ve raised 2 magnificently kind & gracious kids who I promise to guide look after through this amazing TV journey.

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I didn’t meet her going “I hope this works, I hope this works, I hope this works.” I it was going to work.

And I knew after the ten days that it was going to work because I was in a place where it was ABLE to work. ” But then I’ve had horrible auditions, when I would feel that I wasn’t even going to come close to getting it.

And with that, you find other open people as well, and that’s when you mesh.

You have to be ready, you have to want it, and you have to be open to it when it comes along.

DG: My favorite quote is “Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (Andre Gide) The SW: I love that one!

Okay, one of the questions my readers always seem to have is: “How do I know if he’s really into me?

And as devoted of a husband and father as his fictional counterpart is, fans everywhere will be delighted to learn that Daniel Goddard is even more so in real life.

Like Cane, Daniel is a one-woman man with two little ones and a busy career.

it is a phenomenal accomplishment to play a role on a network TV show for 40 yrs!

To put it into perspective if u tallied up how long #Mash #Cheers #Friends & #Seinfeld where on TV... ❤️ #thisisus #yr DRA9 This Sunday @ the #daytimeemmys i had the incredible honor and pleasure to meet Lexie & Noah’s mums Catherine & Charlotte.

The SW: You’ve taken a very positive approach with your tweets lately, so clearly you’re a positive person.


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