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But you can plant containerised trees any time - even today, if you like.

Don't worry if you miss planting this spring, it's wiser to allow time for selecting the right tree than rushing into an expensive mistake.

I say this every January, but can you believe how fast last year flew by?

In last year’s post, “17 Fantastic French Experiences to have in 2017,” I recounted some of my favorite things to do in France.

During the Great War, the Battle of Verdun lasted 300 days and is said to be one of the deadliest in history, with 230,000 dead .

The Ossuary is a memorial to those lost during the ‘Hell of Verdun’.

This year, I’m giving you 18 places to go in France in 2018.

These are all spots that I visited in 2017 and highly recommend. Grab a glass of something good, sit back, and prepare for some French wanderlust.

Villages were wiped from the map, constant shelling altered the landscape, and families were changed forever.

Verdun isn’t just about World War I, but there’s no escaping its impact on the area.

And colours are white or pink shades from the pale Yoshino cherry, P. Your choice is huge and finding the right one for your spot will require careful thought. I used to grow a white-flowered beauty called Umineko that grew 4 m-high but stayed narrow. It's incurable, but infected trees can live for many years if they are otherwise healthy.

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