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), that he gave his apostles the authority to forgive sins (John ), that unless we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink his blood we have no life in us (John ). It helped because he had gone through the same journey himself. Which brings us back to Ecumenism in the wake of the Reformation. It was a faithful, loving, truth-telling Catholics who patiently ushered me from the Baptist church to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

(This is the accusation made against the Church in the popular book The Da Vinci Code.) The Church, says Chesterton, “has been accused of hiding the Bible; but had it been true, it would have been a less astonishing achievement than that of the Reformation, which succeeded in hiding everything else.” Mainline Protestantism succeeded in concealing Western civilization from its own history.

And then there is the one Church that has kept the unabridged Bible, filling its liturgy with it, chanting its prayers day after day, and applying its ageless wisdom to this age.

Chesterton summarised that position almost a hundred years ago, but it is still mostly accurate.

He’s especially right when he says “ignorance is increasing about these things.” First, there are the Fundamentalists, who appeal to the Bible without daring to appeal to the authority which actually fixed the Canon of the Bible.

We still have a great duty to appeal to a common love for God and His Son with our Protestant friends, but we also have a responsibility to get them to look honestly at the Bible and at the whole story of what really happened when the Reformers separated the Bible from the Church.

A Universal Apologia for the Catholic Church A matter which I cannot address in public without some disquiet has risen again, and courtesy asks I address it.

Forgotten, too, was that the Protestant Bible is an abridgement of the Catholic Bible.

The Reformers discarded several books and relegated them to the category, “Apocrypha,” which means doubtful. But then secular scholars spread the doubt to the rest of the Bible. The irony is that the very people who warned against an idolatry of sacred writings created a culture that suffers from an idolatry of all writings.

Forgotten was the fact that the Bible was, and still is, a Catholic document.

Forgotten, too, was that the Protestant Bible is an abridgement of the Catholic Bible. Paul Outside the Walls, dating from the 9th century, is included in a two-part exhibition on the menorah at the Vatican May 15.

They will believe an encyclopedia against an eyewitness; nay, they will believe a newspaper against the naked eye.


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