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Moreover, until she can figure out how to change herself back, Jessica must find a way to win the "Cheer Competition," go to the prom, and get her boyfriend back--all while she's still a guy.

In the process, she learns how shallow her life has been.

Jessica Spencer, a somewhat mean-spirited teen, is convinced that she has the perfect life.

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He also launched a clothing line, owns several restaurants, co-founded Tennman Records and has also briefly worked for humanitarian causes.

In his personal life, Justin Timberlake has dated some of the most desired celebrities which include the names of pop superstar Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and actress Cameron Diaz.

Red Shoe Diaries is an erotic drama series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime from 1992 to 1997 and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas.

Most episodes were directed by either Zalman King, Rafael Eisenman or both.

The band worked together from 1995 to 2004 and released 3 albums during this time named ‘NSYNC, No Strings Attached and Celebrity.

All of these albums became pretty popular especially the No Strings Attached which sold over 2.4 million copies in first week of its release.

He placed the ad in the newspaper in an effort to understand why it happened and learn his fiancée's reasons for killing herself through the stories of women in similar situations.

Red Shoe Diaries episodes were running on the Canadian television channel Showcase, early Saturday morning, as of August 2010.

The presenter and host Jake Winters (David Duchovny) is then shown walking on desolate train tracks with his dog Stella.

He begins reading a letter from his post office box out loud that begins with "Dear Red Shoes..." He first took out the ad after the suicide of his fiancée, and his subsequent confrontation of the man with whom she was having an affair, a construction worker and shoe salesman who sold her a pair of red high heels, inspiring the ad.

He then released his second solo album Future Sex/Love Sounds in 2006 whom singles also reached top positions over music charts.

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