dating a person with herpes - Benefits of consolidating services

As one of the largest and most complex NHS-based mental health trusts in the UK, it needed to find a better way of easily staying in contact with staff when they are away from their desk.

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"We made the business case not by how much we would save, but against how much it would cost us in patching, downtime and solving other such problems if we did not do this," Curry says.

"We expect the project to pay for itself within 18 months." CASE STUDY 3 Software-as-a-service: Saa S streamlines online customer contact for Comet When Comet established its goal to become "Britain's most trusted electrical specialist", it turned to self-learning customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve its online customer contact processes.

Pattani says this has reduced the amount of time they spend at the police station by 35%.

There are further plans to deliver over 300 more data terminals according to role-specific responsibilities in the near future.

It has achieved some easy wins by factoring the energy performance of equipment and IT suppliers' green credentials into the procurement process.

He says server virtualisation offered a potential solution to the disaster recovery challenges posed by its growth and power issues, that would also support the core environmental remit of the popular Cornwall botanical visitor attraction.

The fact that Right Now employs an on-demand, or software-as-service (Saa S), delivery has also been a key factor in its continued, successful use by Comet, where a 100% first-time contact resolution rate has been achieved, even during peak shopping seasons.

Parkinson says that because it is fully hosted it is easier to manage the Saa S model in terms of long-term costs, and the process of upgrading the CRM software - which the retailer is about to do again - was easier compared with traditional, on-premise systems.

As in all public sector organisations, the platform investment had to enhance patient service levels while also lowering costs.


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