Barlowgirl no more dating

I just wished the women had worked a little harder on the rhythm and timing for this one.

I thin I could learn to love the song, but it may take awhile.#2 Pedestal - Na-na songs aren't my thing, but it is a little catchy - this second song with lyrics that once again outperform the music.

Barlow Girl has managed to grab the truth and put it on a CD for today's youth to examine.

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Great effort on this one - I put this song right up there with Never Alone. #7 Superstar - "Why can't we be God's superstars?

" This CD needs to be listened to by every teenager in America.

It speeds up a little near the end, but still remains pretty quiet. It mostly has guitar, drums and Becca, Alyssa and Lauren's vocals, plus piano at the quieter parts. Superstar: This song is also rock, and it has a funny clip of one of the girls talking at the end.

It bounces around between quiet and rock, but the rock part is the best. It's about wanting to be a rock star and stuff, though I didn't need to say that seeing asy ou can just look at the name... Clothes: Okay, this song is really funny, and delivers a very important message to girls about how you can just be yourself in life, and you don't have to wear shirts so small that they could fit a stuffed-animal. "Pay so much for clothes so small, is this shirt for me or for my doll? I looked so hot but caught a cold, I was just doing what I was told to do to fit in.." (5/5) 9.

So for those who were confused..doesn't mean Barlow Girls expect to be married by arranged marriage or something. It's a rock song, but it's not the most upbeat one on the album.

It means that they are taking a stand against selfish, momentary, pointless dating and keeping themselves (including their hearts) pure for their husband. :-) Ephesians 5.""This is definitely the best CD I own. One line is "I promised myself that I wouldn't fall, but here I've fallen, I guess I'm not as strong as I thought, All I can do is cry to you.

This is different from dating because dating means you are using each other for physical pleasure and have no goal in mind but momentary fun and if you happen to get married...that's cool. It is the slowest and is great if you're in the mood for it. It talks about how it's not easy to live up to the mirror, and that the true reflection is found only in Jesus. So in this song, they're saying it's ok if they're not superstars, but shining stars (examples) for God. I am a 39 year old guy and this has a permanent place in my CD changer!

Courtship has a goal and if done properly...nobody is used and the relationship glorifies God. Even though we can't always feel God, He's still there. The music literally rocks and the lyrics are so touching. Every song on this CD is great and I highly recommend it.

Courtship is when you look for a man to have a special relationship with for the SOLE purpose of finding out if you want to marry him. These sisters have a very unique sound and a very positive message.

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