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I think I will go for a walk: My journey learning a new normal with cancer, by Natalie Love.Katie Over Cancer: Thirty-something “mother, attorney, athlete, sarcastic, and general bad ass” Katie blogs about “taking on cancer (and winning) one day at a time.” Laydeewinxstudiolo: Samantha writes about life with GIST, as well as her other interests and curiosities.

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I had played hockey since I was six and was very fit.

My life literally changed in the blink of an eye that July evening.” Life, Interrupted: Suleika Jaouad -hosted, Emmy Award-winning blog documenting her cancer experience.

Life to the Full: Living Life One Run, Bite, & Experience at a Time: A wonderful Blog from Bonnie Lang who is the supporter and wife of a survivor and also a personal trainer. The Lymphoma Lowdown: Robin says she is a “blessed nerd with a song in my heart.” She blogs about her experience as a 20-something Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor in a real, and inspiring way.

My Unexpected Journey 2016: Kelly writes about being a 30-something mom of four with cancer.

This Infernal Racket: Kayla writes about navigating life after cancer in your 20s. When The Cookies Crumble: Marell says this is a cancer kid’s memoir on living with trauma induced anxiety and depression.

Tumors and a tot: Learning how to be a new mom and a new cancer patient…one day at a time. Young Adult Cancer Survivorship By Steve Pake: “By sharing fully and intimately in my cancer journey, I hope that it helps to make your own journey through cancer survivorship just a little bit easier, and that you feel a little less alone.” 2011: Don’t be afraid to jump: Follow your dreams and live in the moment. Jen, a young and inspiring survivor shares her discoveries, lessons, and emotions about her journey in life.

This section provides links to a wide variety of sites that young adult cancer survivors, supporters or those simply looking for information relating to young adult cancer may find helpful or interesting.

If you know of a great site relating to young adult cancer that isn’t in our list, we’d love to know about it.

She makes playlists, writes candidly, and includes lots of pictures to keep it interesting. With: A suggestion from a friend, a timely encounter with a 29-year old two-time cancer victim, and Sexy Crazy Cancer Tips inspired Carolyn Van to write about cancer after being diagnosed in March 2014.


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  4. Solutions Group, which provides cloud-based solutions for institutional investors, reported that 77% of respondents in a new survey considered cybersecurity as at least "an important" priority in their firms.

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