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An unexplored area is what else the churches advocated or required beside circumcision.

Since the church circumcisions occur on the eighth day after birth, it seems likely they model themselves on Judaism: what other Jewish practices do they advocate, and what effect could those have on HIV acquisition?

He went on to note, however, Most HIV infections are contracted in the receptive role, so what were talking about is a risk reduction for a small group of men who didnt have a huge risk in the first place.

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Only a tiny fraction of all scientific research is ever covered by the popular media, however, and most scientists go through their entire career without once encountering a reporter.

New results and ideas are argued in the halls of research institutions, presented at scientific meetings, published in scholarly journals, all out of the public view.

So circumcising insertive men could readily increase HIV transmission to their partners.

Yet already this study is being touted as a reason for gay men to get circumcised.] Studies that claim to find a correlation between intactness and HIV transmission are not uncommonly misreported in a way that plays up the "protective effect".

Factors like that might selectively influence their behaviour, putting them at less risk.] Templeton was quick to note, however, Thats only 9 percent of all HIV infections overall that can be attributed to being uncircumcised, not enough to advocate throwing out condoms or advocating widespread circumcision.

Indeed, the studys model projected [No studies have been done of insertive-to-receptive transmission, cut vs intact, but it seems likely the keratinised circumcised penis is more likely to tear the receptive anus or rectum, and there is much anecdotal evidence - and visual evidence from US vs European gay porn - that cut men are rougher, because their fewer nerve-endings need more stimulation.With those precautions, the correlation between circumcision status and HIV acquisition fell to 1.5 (20% of circumcised men had HIV, vs 30% of intact).With "adequate" genital hygiene, the rate among the intact fell to 26%.Only seven of the 53 HIV infections occurred among insertive partners; the studys model indicated that five of these infections could have been avoided if the men had been circumcised.[No figure for how many of the seven HIV infections were among circumcised insertive men.It is not sufficient to rely on the nail alone to make Nail Soup." In the morning he went on his way, refreshed after a night in a comfortable bed, minus the nail, with some gold coins in his pocket and the thanks of the family ringing in his ears for the wonderful nail that made such delicious Nail Soup.

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